What Are You Celebrating?

While there are countless ways and reasons to celebrate life, none are more important than the celebration of love and friendship.  Having a Milestone Birthday?  What about a Milestone Anniversary?  Want to renew your Wedding Vows?  How about a Family Reunion?  We are sure you have friends and family who would LOVE to help you celebrate your special occasion.

Change your special event from ordinary to extraordinary

  • Golf Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Dance Groups
  • Bridge/Card Clubs
  • Girlfriends Getaway
  • Scrapbookers
  • Car Enthusiasts
  • Culinary Foods
  • Wine Lovers
  • Book of the Month
  • Photographers
  • School/Alumni Reunions
  • Church Groups
  • Social Media Groups
  • Networking Groups


Anything is possible to form a group. In the arena of group travel, the potential complications and difficulties are multiplied considerably. That's where we come in. Regardless of size or particular interest, your group should look no further than Beach Paradise Travel, LLC. Whether you are thinking about an escorted tour, independent tour, cruise, all-inclusive resort; we are here to exceed your vacation desires. We can customize an exciting itinerary and gear towards your area of interest which will result in an educational, stress-free vacation with an emphasis on your special interest or hobby. It is so much fun to travel with a group of people that have the same interests as you.

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