After months of planning your wedding and concentrating on every attention to detail, isn’t it time you had someone with the experience and knowledge help you plan your Honeymoon? Like every other detail in your wedding planning, who you choose to help plan your Honeymoon travel can make the difference between the honeymoon of a lifetime, and one that is constantly giving you a headache that keeps getting in the way of your romantic getaway.

We specialize in the Caribbean and Mexico. We constantly are visiting the resorts in these areas to keep up with changes. There is nothing worse than a couple finding out on their honeymoon that the resort is under construction, or that there might be a large conference scheduled, or worse yet, one of the pools is closed for repair. We make it a point to know these things about the resorts we work with so you don’t have to be disappointed. By combining access to all the destinations with the “inside scoop” on each one, you can rest assured we will find the right destination, accommodations, and activities for you.

You could book your honeymoon package on a major interest site, but then you wouldn’t have that one on one access with the destination specialist who knows the location and accommodations you can choose. Your “discounted price” could lead to a “discounted experience”. We work for you. I’m always amazed that people think it’s cheaper to book online. Hotels set their pricing knowing they’ll have to pay someone for selling their rooms, whether it’s online or a travel professional. So, when you book online, you’re paying for a service that you are not getting.

Your specialist will work directly with you to choose a location for your honeymoon, find resorts and activities that work best for you and your fiancé, and negotiate the most complete package available at the time of booking the reservation.  We do not offer “cookie cutter” packages, as we would rather work with you to ensure your Honeymoon is truly a fabulous experience.

The sooner you finalize your plans and book your honeymoon package, the more likely you are to secure the destination and resort of your dreams at a competitive price and with the utmost convenience.

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